Energy Conservation Redefined

Automated Steam Tram Monitoring with real-time visibility

Simple To Set Up & use

Plug and Play system to interact with our Cloud based Ecosystem. The Data is driven by intelligence and measures the performance and action to optimise.


Fix Device

Our trap-io device is easy to fix in your steam trap of steam distribution system.


Configure Wifi

The device is configured to the existing Wifi network to push data.


Access Trap Data

The trap data is seen real-time through the cloud based application.

How it works

Welcome to the World Class Steam Trap Monitoring System. We help our customers to create a safer and more cost-efficient production environment.

Make decisions in real time, and see instant results


Start building your integrated view of trap performance.


Stop blowing steam. Start saving now

Just ask trap-io to

Gain a complete coverage with the most cost-effective approach to steam trap maintenance.

Save Energy

Steam leak can be identified quickly with trap-io to avoid wastage

Avoid Costs

Early detection of steam leak can reduce the costs of the industry

Enhanced Safety

trap-io provides a enhanced safeer device with latest standards

Easy Installation

Our device is easy to install in a existing system as plug and play

Robust Insights

Detailed insights are provided from the device to identify the problem

Data Security

We care for our clients data and stored using security algorithms

Let's make Steam Trap Monitoring Easy

Reduced workload and no barriers to automated monitoring, it’s full steam ahead.

Enjoy The Best Features of trap-io

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